Tonight! Clipse, Ninjasonik, Lucky Dragons, Beach House, Washed Out, Sia, Local Natives, Jeff Mangum, a-ha, Bear Hands, Lemonade, And Dinosaur Feathers




Having learned about Pusha T’s badass grandma (not to mention that Rambo-themed pizza joint) yesterday, you can better appreciate NYC tour guides/coke rap extraordinaires Clipse tonight at Highline Ballroom. For obvious moral support, Ninjasonik will also be there, “squeezing into tight pants and threatening mass impregnation.” Over at Thirty Days NY, you can find performance artist/brilliant bedsheet provocateur Shana Moulton headlining with cathartic cut ‘n’ paste samplers Lucky Dragons. This evening also features an abundant slate of sold-out concerts: no Beach House and Washed Out, Sia, or Local Natives for you, and likewise with the Danish synth-pop of a-ha (yes, the group that penned ““Take on Me”” is still alive and playing Nokia Theatre; also still alive is Neutral Milk Hotel’s Jeff Mangum, who has popped out of hibernation to perform a sold-out acoustic set at Le Poisson Rouge for the scalper-proof Chris Knox benefit.

Elsewhere, at the Fillmore, Bear Hands are set to, as foreshadowed in the video above, bemoan “goddman long nails” atop jumpy drum grooves, while Lemonade blare synth-wound drum-pad beats at Santos Party House. Finally, Dinosaur Feathers star at Silent Barn, glorifying their bitchin’ dino-bird ancestors with primal drum patter, dizzying whirls of group vocals, and an uplifting and (ostensibly) Animal Collective-inspired ditty about a “Teenage Whore.”