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True to Its Roots in The Côte d’Azur, APM Monaco Celebrates 40th Anniversary at F1 Monaco


While modern-day Formula 1 races began around the 1950s, the sport’s popularity has fluctuated over the years, with a recent resurgence of viewers as marketing campaigns surrounding the events have blossomed. As of June 2022, the month after the Monaco Grand Prix, Formula One Group has a market cap of 14.62 billion U.S. dollars, per Nasdaq. Formula 1 racing is rightfully dubbed the “King of Motorsports,” and Monaco is the most premier race within the series.

It is not hard to understand the allure of Formula 1: amazingly crafted cars, stunning track locations, thrilling moments in each lap around the track, and lots of money poured into the sport. This brings in a massive amount of television viewers, as well as more than 100,000 spectators to the race in Monaco. Formula 1 also brings together some of the world’s most interesting and elite celebrities, brands, and events.

One jewelry retailer that was present throughout the Formula 1 weekend in Monaco at the end of May was APM Monaco, a brand whose identity is ingrained in the Côte d’Azur. APM was founded by Ariane Prette in 1982, and this family business has grown tremendously over the last 40 years. Now run by her son, Philippe Prette, and his wife, Kika, the brand has approximately 400 stores worldwide, and APM has made its mark on the jewelry industry and solidified itself as a chic, elegant and luxe jewelry retailer.

To mark this special anniversary, APM chose the Monaco Grand Prix as the perfect venue to celebrate, and there were three primary activations throughout the race weekend. First, APM announced a partnership with champion racer Charles Leclerc who wore the company’s logo on his racing suit throughout the weekend. Next, a collaboration between iconic Monaco nightclub, MK Club, and APM was launched — including a star-studded afterparty. With Leclerc being from Monaco himself, and MK Club being a mainstay in Monaco culture — and located just off the F1 track — these partnerships only deepen APM’s ties with its home city even further.

Finally, APM wanted to tap into a more youthful market to a greater extent than it may have in the past, so there were modern marketing tactics implemented at Formula 1. Leveraging the power of social media and the internet, the brand brought together French YouTuber and influencer ‘Lena Situations’ with French model and face of APM Monaco, Thylane Blondeau. Together, these popular young French influencers captured engaging and beautiful social media content throughout the entire race weekend.

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