Video: The Times Square Car Bomb, “Smoldering” and Live on Broadway


Various facepalm-worthy punchlines about this not being the only bomb on Broadway this season aside, the New York Post now has street-level footage of the unsuccessful Times Square ‘car bomb’ from Saturday night.

Of course, some footage like this was bound to turn up: the blurry kind heralded as the first true street-level filming of the event, by a Chicago film student who managed to pawn this off on the Post.

Surely, there must be something better out there, because who isn’t filming instead of running for cover when some ridiculous shit goes down these days? Answer: Nobody. So if you see of or come by the way of any footage from the time of the incident, we’d sure be glad to see it. And don’t you like us more than the New York Post, anyway? In the meantime, I guess this is going to be the definitive audio/visual document of The Times Square ‘Car Bomb’ of 2010: Noisy, Underwhelming, Headachey, Generally Irritating. Kind of fitting, actually.