Zip it up and write!

Re Michael Musto’s The Daddy Diaries, Part 1 [May 14–20]: It must have been around 1969 when my fiancée and I, on the way to her house for a night of pleasure, saw a line of couples waiting to get into the first porno-movie theater in her neighborhood. I commented to her rather loudly: “Why watch someone else do it when you can do it yourselves?” Fast-forward nearly four decades, and Michael Musto spills his midlife sexual crisis onto the Voice pages, while not realizing that getting “star-fucked” is not a sign of his virility, but someone else getting their rocks off.

Get back to dishing, Michael. That’s what we want to read. Anyone, gay or straight, can do sex—in bars, airplanes, and even in the road.

Arthur Aptowitz

Forest Hills

Cops and race

Re Sean Gardiner’s Missing in Action [May 7–13]: Your story on the NYPD’s lack of action when it pertains to people of color was excellent. Being from New Jersey, where I work in law enforcement, and also being Afro–Native American, I know it’s not just the NYPD but also the New Jersey State Police and all the police departments.

Racism is so prevalent in all these departments that I can’t wait to retire and get away from the bullshit!

Darrin Jackson

via e-mail

Nerves on Edge

Re Nick Pinkerton’s Heaven Can Wait’ [May 21–27]: The short and sweet of Pinkerton’s Edge of Heaven review is that director Fatih Akin is Europe’s Paul Haggis. I saw Edge of Heaven at the Sarasota Film Festival and was quite moved by it. I also rank Crash as one of the worst films ever made in the history of anything that has ever been made, be it a film or a sculpted pile of shit. So I read Mr. Pinkerton’s review of Edge of Heaven and was comforted by his “I can use a thesaurus” adjectives and especially his patronizing oxymorons, such as “superficially impressive,” which only show he has an agenda. Wait, a film can be impressive, yet superficial. What does that even mean?

I thank you in advance for printing an apology to the readers, stating that Mr. Pinkerton “just didn’t get the movie” and therefore had to review it negatively.

Adam Pinney

Atlanta, Georgia

Tony awards

Re Maria Luisa Tucker’s Barely Legal [May 14–20]: Great work on the Tony Alamo story. Our group, Partnered Against Cult Activity, started in Fouke, Arkansas, and its goal is to educate the public about the truth behind the Tony Alamo Ministries. He’s worse than Warren Jeffs.

Mary Coker

Texarkana, Texas

We talk a great story about morality. What a pathetic joke. A guy like Tony Alamo runs amok right dead-center of the radar. And because he hides behind a Bible, he gets a pass.

Christhiaon Coie

via e-mail

Self-rating Jews

Re the review of Fugitive Pieces [Tracking Shots, April 30–May 6]: Ella Taylor writes of Stephen Dillane that he is “a fine actor, if barely plausible as a Jew.” Ms. Taylor, what does a Jew look like? Kirk Douglas, Jon Stewart, John Garfield, Leslie Howard, Melvyn Douglas, Kevin Klein, Paul Newman, Jack Black?

No kidding, Ms. Taylor: What does a “plausible” Jew look like?

Jack Labow