Want to Dress Like an L Train? Your Subwaywear Lookbook Is Here


Ever the trendspotters here at Runnin’ Scared (high heels for men? Just say no!), we’d like to draw your attention to a whole new way to dress — i.e., covering your body head-to-toe in one of our favorite New York staples, the subway map. Sure, the subway itself becomes a sweaty, stinky hellhole in the summer, but that doesn’t mean you can’t keep your look fresh by wearing, not riding, it. Not to mention, the current maps and symbols are about to change, which means your look will be totally retro soon! You can thank us then.

Ray-Bans have just released a new subway-printed version of their Wayfarer sunglasses, which is what got us going on this in the first place. We would wear them. That says something. What, we’re not sure, but definitely something.

Now, a true subway aficionado will pair these sneaks with his or her Ray-Bans. AirWear, a company that creates mostly air-brushed apparel, custom made these Air Force Ones a few years ago. Though they may be difficult to get your hands on now, they’re too awesome not to include in any Subwaywear Lookbook. Ebay?

I <3 NY shirts are overplayed. Rise above the norm with gold embellishments! Nothing says “I’m a local with style” like these tees. Also, if someone asks for directions, just stick out your chest.

Or you can start small. To add a dash of subway flair to your everyday life, here’s a blingin’ wallet.

Chilly? Try this cozy option – the classic subway map hoodie. No ladies, the man in the photo does not come with purchase, but the hoodie does come in three stylish colors: black, white, and brown.

Guys, nothing says “I love you” quite like a subway token necklace. Ladies won’t know how to react. Pair with actual Metrocard for true romance.

Gals, a gift for the gents: cufflinks. Perfect for Father’s Day!

Jewish New Yorkers (and/or J-E-W line riders) get something
extra special.

Secular version available as well:

(These would be scandalous if Manhattan were shifted to the right.)

Since boxers tend to make men irresistible, wearing them may lead to subsequent high demand for our next items, the onesie to match daddy’s boxers

and a metro card baby T-shirt.

Of course, having to buy a baby onesie may make you wax nostalgic for this:

But if you really just want to look exactly like the inside of your favorite subway car, look no further than artist Gretchen Vitamvas’s couture subwaywear, designed as “a graphic camouflage design inspired by the interior of the train cars.” Per the artist’s website, she hopes “to provoke reflection on themes of physical and psychological safety, class and ethnicity, and acceptance or identification with particular groups.” Now, that’s high-minded subway fashion.

Next up, New York City trash-can chic!