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What Does High Potency Mean in CBD Oil?

CBD’s got a new player on the field – high potency CBD – and it’s changing the game.


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CBD, or cannabidiol, is a miraculous little molecule. It’s one of many cannabinoids (like THC) that we get from cannabis plants and use for a variety of health and wellness purposes. And thanks to our growing understanding of how CBD and other cannabinoids work within our body’s natural endocannabinoid system, we’re learning that higher potency CBD is a real game changer.

What Is High Potency CBD?

Potency in CBD is measured in terms of milligrams per bottle. To determine the potency of each dose of CBD, check the bottle for a “milligrams per serving” number or calculate it yourself: [How much CBD mg in the bottle] divided by [number of servings in the bottle] = number of milligrams of CBD you are taking if you take one full dose.

High potency CBD means that the number of milligrams per bottle is much higher than the traditional CBD products which have been on the market. This means that each time you take your CBD you are getting more CBD in that serving. And more CBD means more benefits and supportive care for your body and mind.

Why might you need a higher potency? We’re glad you asked.

Reasons to Switch to High Potency CBD

  • Your current level of CBD seems to not be working, or it used to work fine and now it doesn’t seem to. You might need a higher potency CBD product.
  • Your stress levels have skyrocketed and you need more support from your CBD.
  • Your sleep has gotten out of whack – which it seems to do regularly – so you need more cannabinoid support around the clock via a higher potency CBD.
  • Your body metabolizes CBD quickly – you often feel lulls between CBD doses and have tried supplementing with various additional CBD products. Your current regimen is fine but you’d rather simplify it by taking one stronger formula.

High Potency CBD Perks

There are lots of reasons why you might want to go with a higher potency CBD oil product. For one, higher potency means you are flushing your endocannabinoid system, the ECS, with all those helpful CBD molecules + all the other cannabinoids in the formula, like THC, for example, if you’re using the powerful combination product full spectrum CBD with CBD + THC.

Regardless of which CBD product or form you choose to use (tinctures, softgels, capsules, gummies, etc.) the potency can go up to as high as several thousand milligrams per bottle. Those highest strengths have lots of benefits to the user:

  • Provide more CBD and other cannabinoids to the ECS, which keeps the system working smoothly and helps reduce lulls between doses.
  • More readily available CBD means more benefits: improved sleep, improved mood regulation, and muscle recovery support, among other benefits.
  • Some people simply need a higher strength CBD to get to the level of wellness support they need. (Maybe your metabolism is higher or you are very active or your need for certain CBD benefits is higher.)

Because we know the ECS needs a consistent supply of endocannabinoids (your body makes these) and we know that CBD molecules (phytocannabinoids made from plant material) mimic your body’s own endocannabinoids, we know that the CBD you put into your body supports the ECS and all the wonderful work that system does.

The ECS disperses endocannabinoids and supportive CBD to your body systems, organs, tissues – even your brain. What it doesn’t need simply gets metabolized. This is why you flush the system with plenty of cannabinoids. Every available opportunity to support your body’s functions, ensure homeostasis, and make you feel better is important. At a lower CBD potency you may get some nice benefits, but to be the most efficient and take full advantage of the entourage effect, more cannabinoids is better.

A Note on Full Spectrum – CBD + THC

We mentioned the entourage effect and this needs a brief explanation. The more parts of the cannabis plant used means a wider plant profile in your CBD formula. Formulas which contain THC give a wider plant profile and contribute to a powerful stabilizing effect in the body termed the entourage effect, where each part of that plant works to support and boost the effects of the other parts.

In other words, the full spectrum CBD products offer a more full CBD experience for the user thanks to the power of combining CBD + THC and other minor cannabinoids, as well as flavonoids and terpenes, from the flowers and aerial parts of the hemp plant. And together, all these individual components work harder when taken together in one formula.


If you want the strongest and most inclusive CBD experience you can get, choose a high potency CBD oil in a full spectrum formula. This offers the most support, keeps your ECS supplied with powerful cannabinoids, and generates the entourage effect to improve your experience. Think of high potency as the “extra-strength” solution to your needs.

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