What to Drink at SHO Shaun Hergatt’s Pearl Bar: The White Dog Smash


The drink: White Dog Smash

The bar: Pearl Bar at SHO Shaun Hergatt, 40 Broad Street

The price: $15

The ingredients: Death’s Door White Whiskey, fresh lemon juice, and fresh mint, muddled with sugar and strained over ice in a rocks glass.

The buzz: If a Whiskey Smash calls to mind a sunny afternoon in a broad-brimmed hat and seersucker suit spent watching the thoroughbreds tire themselves out, then this version with white whiskey — a/k/a white dog, a/k/a moonshine — suggests the day rascally rube cousins showed up to crash the party. A recent version of the drink was a little on the tart side (whoa, boy, easy on that fresh citrus), but the funky fermenting fruit flavors of the unaged whiskey still managed to come through. Now trot on over and get one.

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