When Young People Don’t Get The References


I was talking to a 20-something not long ago and mentioned Jodie Foster in casual conversation.

You know, the amazing child star. Who grew up to be a two-time Oscar winner. Who’s still making big movies.

And the guy looked blanker than a Texas cheerleader and said, ‘Who?”

He’d never heard of her!

Now, I don’t expect every single person to have researched the entire history of entertainment in their few years on earth, but Jodie Foster is pretty major.

Could someone who lives in a major city (or at least has a computer) in this day and age really be that clueless/uninterested/sieve-brained?

I was completely stunned, but I’d probably feel better if you told me YOUR horror stories of young people who didn’t get your references.

Make it really jaw dropping so we can cluck-cluck about how dumb “these kids today” are!