Which NYC Nabe Has The Most Gay Bars?


That’s easy!

Hell’s Kitchen!

According to the invaluable map in Next magazine, HK and environs has no fewer than 13 LGBT bars!

(There’s Vlada, Posh, Barrage, Therapy, Industry, Hardware, Escuelita, Fairytail Lounge, The Ritz, Flaming Saddles, Bar-Tini, xl, and Ninth Avenue Saloon).

And there’s at least one more bar coming there next year.

That means if you’re hanging out somewhere in HK and it’s not a Thai restaurant, it’s definitely a gay bar.

Even if it is a Thai restaurant, it’s definitely a gay bar.

Other nabes don’t really come close.

The West Village has 10 gay playpens (Cubbyhole, Julius, the Hangar, Ty’s, Boots & Saddle, Rockbar, Henrietta Hudson, Stonewall, Pieces, and the Monster) plus a couple of gay-friendly piano bars.

Chelsea has seven such establishments. (The Eagle, Barracuda, Rawhide, Gym, Boxers, G Lounge, and Splash)

And Jackson Heights and vicinity also boasts seven (Bumbum Bar, Lucho’s, the Music Box, Friends Tavern, True Colors, Club Evolution, and Hombres Lounge).

Not to mention a Pride House and a SAGE House.

So get thee to all of these places, but especially HK! That’s where it’s really happening, gays!

Or you can even go to the place I’ve pictured above–Tel Aviv.