White Supremacist Craig Cobb Grapples With DNA Test Suggesting He Is Part Black


The last time we spoke to white supremacist Craig Cobb, he was inviting white New Yorkers to join his Aryan colony in North Dakota.

Cobb was in the tri-state area to appear on the Trisha Goddard Show, where he took a DNA test to check his racial purity. Turns out — as it usually does on shows like this one, which shares a studio with Maury and the Jerry Springer Show — Cobb is part black. Surprise!

According to a DNA test conducted by the company AncestrybyDNA, he is 86 percent European and 14 percent sub-Saharan African. Reacting to the news in a conversation with the Voice on Tuesday, Cobb passed through at least four of the Kübler-Ross model’s five stages of grief.

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First came denial. The company that conducted the test was peddling junk science, he insisted. “That company, AncestrybyDNA, they test for 176 markers out of, depending on how you count them, between 682,000 and 3 million [possible markers].

“And the company went down before as DNAPrint, in part because of extremely bad reviews all over the Internet,” he added.

Then came anger. The test, he insisted, was just part of a worldwide conspiracy to quash him and other racist nationalist groups, like the Jobbik party in Hungary. “There is a big worldwide movement as we know in our countries, the elites in cahoots with non-whites that change the demographics of our nations all over the west. And now, at this time, they are basically telling us, ‘We’re in charge now, whitey!'”

He cited the company’s statement on race as proof that it was part of the conspiracy, calling it “a litany against white people.”

Bargaining: Cobb wants to retake the test. “I’m very anxious to. I’m probably going to get one overnighted to me. I’m going to use the National Geographic test. I’m going to use Ancestry DNA, which is the one this shlock company, AncestrybyDNA, piggybacks on. They literally copied the packaging!”

He is convinced he’ll be vindicated “if I use scientifically erudite companies who use the latest machinery and devices and are not concerned only with political agenda.”

And, finally, acceptance. “On the off chance that I am 14 percent non-white, on that off chance, in that case that would make me a kind of ‘border guard.'” Border guards, Cobb explained, are members of any community who put themselves on the very front line to protect the purer among them. Border guards, Cobb said, “will be the first ones to be slaughtered if the society ever falls.”

“I’m perfectly willing to function as a [border guard] — in fact, that would step up my activism, if it turns out to be true,” he added ominously.