Who Killed Amy Winehouse?


If the singer died of a drug and/or alcohol overdose, as is widely assumed, then naturally it was at her own hand.

But the story isn’t as simple as that.

Couldn’t someone have performed a stronger intervention along the way?

Just last week, Amy’s father was busy promoting his own singing career in the press while also pushing the party line that Amy was getting a little better. Denial!

And now, the singer’s mother is taking the opposite approach — utter resignation — telling a British newspaper that it was “only a matter of time” before she died.

Both tacks are wrong.

Though most jaundiced observers seemed to feel Amy was a headline waiting to happen, it didn’t have to happen — and certainly not this quickly.

Sure, Amy’s rehab efforts didn’t stick because of her own lack of resolve, but wouldn’t some real love and support have helped her stay alive?

And how about the public?

Recently, the same people who were absolutely loving her music just a couple of years ago were sending me the video of Amy collapsing onstage in concert, as if it was the height of hilarity.

I didn’t re-post it because I found it deeply sad. (Yes, even I drew the line.)

Would you laugh at a video of a great singer passing out onstage of a heart attack or cancer?

Anyway, Amy killed herself, but we all helped.