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Why Shane Perry Is The Next Rising Comedian


Entertainment and humor are a part of almost everyone’s lives, regardless of your job, social standing, or other factors that might differentiate people. Everyone has room for entertainment to lighten up their lives.

Comedy shows, movies, theatre, and various other forms of entertainment are where we can go and forget about the worries of our world. Among these talented comedians is Shane Perry, a comedian who has gone through some rough times but is now a rising star in the entertainment industry.

Perry was always inspired by his parents to reach the level of success that he has today, and actor comedians to be able to take the role in life that he did. Perry knew from the start that his place was in the entertainment industry, and he wanted to do comedy.

It’s often said that comedy can be a challenging career field to go into, don’t attempt it unless you’re really good at it because otherwise, it backfires. Perry has incredible confidence and faith in his talents and abilities to be able to enter this field and pull it off successfully.

There are a few major traits that set Perry apart and make his comedy work incredibly great. He has near-perfect improv skills when it comes to acting. When combining his acting skills and his comedy work, Perry provides top-notch entertainment. Perry also has some other talents such as impersonating celebrity voices such as Jay Z . All in all, Perry’s authenticity combined with his remarkable acting skills have catapulted him to success.

As of today, Perry has been able to work with celebrities such as Danrue, Barry Brewer, Noel G, BiggJah, and others. He has also been featured on well-known platforms including LAD Bible, All Def Digital, Worldstar hip hop, and more. Furthermore, the fact that Perry’s comedy videos have hit over a staggering million views over the internet is a number that speaks for itself.

While things may seem well, maybe even perfect for Perry, it’s important to remember this did not happen overnight, and Perry had to put in his share of hard work and determination to get where he is today. During the early days, Perry was homeless and he had to resort to sleeping in his car. This was the moment that could’ve broken him, but instead, he got up and started filming viral videos.

These days, along with his comedy work, Perry also looks forward to spending time with his children and being a family man. As for the future, he plans to sell merchandise and have product placements for companies to turn further profits.

When it comes to giving advice, Perry says that you need to stay constant and committed. Those 2 are the ultimate traits of anyone who is trying to make it big in life. Perry’s story about his rise in the comedy and entertainment industry proves that it worked for him, even though it was incredibly difficult. Perry’s family is what keeps him motivated to get up every day and work. Just like him, we all need to find that factor that motivates us and makes us get up and do something.

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