Worlds Collide: Freddie Gibbs Will Be A Guest On Bill Simmons’ Podcast


So Bill Simmons, a/k/a’s The Sports Guy, is quite possibly the Internet’s most-discussed sportswriter; Freddie Gibbs is a current favorite of the rap-blog conglomerate. Given that Simmons doesn’t have much to say about rap (or music generally) beyond the occasional white-guy-making-a-Tupac-reference episode, it seemed odd when he shouted out Gibbs last week on his 1,200,000+-followers Twitter account; my immediate response was to head to Google and find out who the other Freddie Gibbs was. Ah, but no.

Now comes word that the twain shall officially meet: Gibbs will be a guest star on an upcoming Sports Guy podcast. Per XXL:

“I’m going on The BS Report,” Gibbs said. “We gon’ talk some sports and some gangsta rap, baby.”

For a certain strain of Internet nerd, this’ll be a head-detonating moment. Hopefully it will only be, like, 30 percent as awkward as it sounds.