Xiao Ye’s Eddie Huang Responds to Early Adopters


If you imagined Eddie Huang wouldn’t have as much time for blogging now that his full-fledged Taiwanese restaurant is fully open, well, you were mistaken. The outspoken chef took to his blog yesterday to respond to early feedback on Xiao Ye’s food:

For all the people with feedback on food, honestly, thank you. I need it. We want to be the best and it starts with feedback. The people I won’t listen to are the ones who keep saying “you can’t have a night market without oyster pancake”. Let me break this down for you… $1/oyster in NY. I’m not making anything with canned shit. If I do oyster pancakes, it’s gonna be fresh. 8 oysters a pancake to do it right. 20% food cost… That’s a $40 oyster pancake. I’m not gonna do it to you. Make it at home. I can’t win with that dish like Lebron can’t win with Delonte fucking his mom.

As for the other dishes you guys are requesting, I don’t owe you shit. No one is forcing you to come here. Why would you look at a menu, go to the restaurant, and then complain we don’t have something that a Taiwan night market has. Do I go to Bar Americain and ask Bobby for Hot Dogs and Apple Pie? You American son! Where my hot dogs at? Does it make any sense? ITS TAIWAN, this is the Lower East Fucking Side. You want $1 pork buns? Buy a $900 plane ticket.

[Via Eater]