Year of the Takeout Day 162: Bread & Honey


Steam Table Stuff from Bread & Honey (941 Eighth Avenue, 212-245-0007)

There’s no reason these steam table selections should be this bad, especially when Clinton Street can hold its shit together until 8 p.m., but they were.

To be fair, the dumplings and chicken and noodles didn’t taste terrible, but the texture of all the items was just insufferable — the meat was stringy and the top of the pasta pouches was dry and rough. My friend and I couldn’t even cut through these shumai-like samplings.

Usually we’re not so negative, but we have a point, and it’s for your protection, dear consumer/reader: if a little grocery in the Lower East Side can serve up hot, fresh-tasting faves past 8 p.m., so can every other eatery with the same equipment. And they should.