Yoko Ono’s New Boyfriend


Clip Job: an excerpt every day from the Voice archives.
August 8, 1968, Vol. XIII, No. 43

by Howard Smith

YOKO ONO was a well-known New York happening artist a few years ago, especially noted for “Stone” at the Judson gallery (a room full of bulging black burlap sacks large enough for one or two people to crawl in and do whatever they wanted) and “Cut” (Miss Ono sits on stage and members of the audience come up and make one scissor cut each in her clothing until it is all gone).

About two years ago she moved to London where she became a big pop success for her now famous film of 365 bare-asses of well-known people. Just recently she achieved even wider fame. She has taken up with John Lennon.

They have become the Comely Couple of the Moment. Every groovy thing they do is reported in great detail in mass media around the world.

Now she and Lennon have made a very important film. The action in “Film 5” is limited — sort of early Warhol. The entire 90 colorful minutes are taking up with Lennon smiling…

ALL SORTS of necrophilia was rushed into plastic production almost from the moment of Robert Kennedy’s assassination, but one of the latest items on that death-equals-dollars market is probably the most flashily funereal yet. It is a series of bubble gum cards called “The Story of Robert F. Kennedy.”

There are 5 different cards in all, each with a photograph from the late senator’s life on the front and an explanatory caption or an appropriate Kennedy quote on the back.

For a nickel you get a slab of pink gum and five of the depressing black and white cards all wrapped up in a snappy red, white, and blue package.

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