Zoo Troop Gang


Perhaps you’ve heard of the Zoo Troop, a corps of adults who entertain children while wearing outsize anthropomorphic animal costumes. While Bergen County MCs Zoo Troop Gang are no relation, they’re no less ridiculous, half-serious swag-rap minstrels rocking shades and chin-straps in hi-res videos that are especially hilarious because Timmy Titus and Richie Stacks have no public profile to speak of. A handful of songs litter the Internet, and together they amount to a doomed attempt to cruise co-eds by rattling off designer brands—it’s a sort of an imitation of generic bravado, like watered-down Cool Kids grindin’ by way of LFO’s “Summer Girls.” Kreayshawn’s barely gotten started, yet she has so much to answer for. CUMMINGS

Wed., Dec. 21, 7 p.m., 2011