I Sold Weed to Broken Social Scene and All I Got Was Free Wireless



Magik Markers, Radio 4, Broken Social Scene, and Dinosaur Jr.
Central Park Summerstage, July 14

Gimme five

Magik Markers Live Footage: Boston 2004

Bringing it to you straight from Manhattan Central Booking, Riff Raff’s got some good news and bad news. The good news is that I got arrested last night, and the free wireless here at Central Booking is nothing short of fantastic. A lot of prisons I’ve been to I’ll get like, 40 maybe 50K/sec, and even then I’ll have to pay an hourly fee or buy a token cup of coffee in the jailhouse caf so they think I’m a real customer (bullshit). But Central Booking, I come in here, 500K/sec, this tech support guy’s sitting literally right next to me (he was arrested last night for jacking a car), and everybody here’s been really good about letting me finish my Bit Torrent download of the new Charlie Choco Factory flick. Rumor is, if you synch this film to R. Kelly’s Chocolate Factory album, nothing happens.

The bad news is that what started as a harmless prank–me selling weed to two sweet dudes from Canadian indie rockers Broken Social Scene–turned into just a regular prank–all three of us getting arrested for being total retards. Apparently buying drugs in Washington Square Park–and now selling them?– is a huge cliche. Come on, I haven’t rollerbladed in weeks. Weeks! Days. Today.

So I have no idea what happened last night at the show. I imagine it was total mindblowing chaos just like every other indie rock concert, and as is par for the charliehorse here in NYC, everybody I mean everybody was dancing. I’m no slouch though. Before the big bust, I caught noise rockers Magik Markers play their set, seemingly mocking the Summerstage crowd, the Summerstage line-up, and their own incongruous appearance in the process. Multiple times, but always after banging her guitar on the stagefloor or putting the guitar cable bare into her mouth or performing some glorious combination of the two, the lead singer would swing herself off the lip, prompting a team of security officers to push her back and keep her from swinging equipment at photographers. This may have been the most live set I’ve ever seen. “This is a hardcore show!” she screamed; then someone said, “This is like the sound of J. Mascis taking a shit.” Radio 4 were not available to comment.