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Ferrer: Don’t Start Thinking about Tomorrow


The former Bronx beep and probably-soon-to-be Democratic primary winner staged a mini-rally at Delancey and Essex, complete with multilingual chants over a megaphone, screaming women, and honking cars. But elsewhere in the city the reports were of a quiet Primary Day—and very low turnout. So how come more people weren’t turned on by this race? “All I can tell you is if we didn’t turn this into the 2005 version of ‘Survivor’ or a mud wrestling contest, then that’s all to the good,” Ferrer said. “Let’s see what the people decide tonight.” That was his theme: No tomorrow until tonight. His strategy against Weiner in a runoff? “I haven’t a clue.” Has he reached out to the other candidates to ask them to join his effort if they lose? “I haven’t done that yet. I hope to do it if the conditions warrant.”

This article from the Village Voice Archive was posted on September 13, 2005


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