Snoop Dogg Announces ‘Snooperbowl’


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Today Snoop Dogg announced the second annual Snooperbowl, to happen at Detroit’s Pontiac Stadium a weekend prior to Super Bowl XL on February 6. The event pits the best players of the Snoop Youth Football League against the Michigan All-Stars team.

For decades now pop artists have been trying to organize charity sporting events they’ve carefully named after themselves. Here are some that never quite took off:

The 50 Cent-imeter Dash: After event organizers explained to Fifty that his charity run would only last, start to finish, less than one half-second, the G-Unit trickster pitched an alternative idea: the 50 Cent-ury Dash. Event organizers liked this more, but were concerned the 50 Cent-ury Dash might run a bit long, especially for a dash event.

U.S. Masters P: In a special version of this classic golf tournament, professional players such as Phil Mickelson and Tiger Woods “teed off” by freestyle rapping for Master P, who, depending on the competitors’ cleverness, hardness, and overall charisma, walked their golf ball by hand to the exact spot on the course he thought they deserved. Fun fact: Vijay Singh has never won the U.S. Masters P.

Rolling Stone Climbing: Not unlike in regular rock climbing, participants would climb members of rock band the Rolling Stones for cash prizes. The event lasted only one year; people started getting hurt when Keith Richards decided to take the event’s namesake a little too literally, breaking into a roll when competitors reached his shoulders.

Skeet Skeet Skeet Shoot: A quaint and even fun-sounding game, Lil Jon couldn’t get the permit for this event when local authorities discovered the meaning of skeet.

Parjeezy: A good idea in principle, Young Jeezy‘s celebrity board game tournament came to an immediate halt when participants saw Jeezy had replaced all Parcheesi pieces with identical angry snowman pieces, making it impossible for one competitor to differentiate himself from another.

Jinga: Inspired by Parjeezy, ex-Ruff Ryder Jin currently wants to organize a citywide Jenga tournament, with the added danger of Jin “coming out of retirement” and knocking the Jenga tower down by rapping. The winner gets to meet this guy.

This article from the Village Voice Archive was posted on September 29, 2005

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