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Jeanine Hero: She Stays In Senate Race


True to predictions, the New York Republican Party’s 62 county chairmen ended their closed-door party confab this afternoon with one word of advice to its flagging U.S. Senate hopeful, Jeanine Pirro: Abandon your quest to take on Senator Hillary Clinton in 2006.

GOP party sources confirm the chairmen overwhelmingly agreed that Pirro should switch races and go after the attorney general’s open seat next year. Over the past week, speculation has reached a feverish pitch that Pirro herself was ready to call it quits.

Instead, she’s staying put. Her campaign issue this statement after the GOP leaders’ meeting: “I remain a candidate for U.S. Senate but I greatly respect the opinion of the county chairs and their confidence in my abilities as a statewide candidate.” How long Pirro feels this way, of course, remains to be seen.


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