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Dem Franchize Boyz: Riff Raff Interview



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Oh man remember Porn Star clothing?

Dem Franchize Boyz: The Riff Raff Interview

From Urban Dictionary:

SNAP MUSIC: A style of music originating in the Dirty South. Unlike Crunk music, Snap music has a slower tempo but still talks about clubbin' and strippers. It is characterized by the finger snap effect in place of the snare drum. Different people may be able to take credit for originating this style from Fabo, D4L, & Dem Franchize Boyz.

To go along with the music, Dem Franchize Boyz have invented a dance, the “Lean Wit It, Rock Wit It” (video here), which also happens to be a song on their new album, On Top of Our Game. I got one of the Boyz on the phone yesterday to talk about the dance’s popularity, and the future of snap.

I want to talk about the dance.

What’s going on.

Just the dance.

What about it.

It’s the best dance I’ve ever seen.

We’re trendsetters.

Did this come to you in a dream?

No it came from the “White Tee” song. That’s what we used to do around the neighborhood. I like to think I added a twist to it, came over the song and everything, and the rest is history. It is what it is.

That’s awesome. But why lean wit it first and then rock wit it? Why not rock wit it first?

Because in the dance you lean first, then you rock wit it.

So you’re saying it would look pretty funny if you rock first.

Yeah it would look funny if you rock first.

Who’s the best at this dance?

Parlae outta the Franchize.

How about among your friends, who’s the best?

Oh yeah! Friends, fans, celebrities, athletes, everybody’s doing it their own sexy little way. Ain’t no exact way to do it. You do it how you want.

Right, like if you want to rock wit it first.

Add your little flavor to it.

Jermaine Dupri is probably pretty bad at this dance.

Oh yeah! He got his own little flavor. That’s what I’m trying to tell you. Parlae do it the best.

Do you think the Lean Wit It Rock Wit It is better than the Macarena?

I mean, yeah. You really got to get sweaty, but if you want to get sweaty, you can.

One of the things you say in the song, gangsters don’t dance–is that true you think?

Well, some gangstas don’t. They just lean wit it, rock wit it. They might just set in one place, moving back and forth or moving side to side–or leaning and rocking.

It just seems like gangsters would want to dance. Like, you’re a gangster–dance. Do you have any dances in the works for gangsters?

It just came about. In “White Tee”, we were leaning and rocking. Folks started catching on. So Parlae figured out: Name the dance and perfect it, and expose it to the world.

People are calling your dance the Electric Slide of the South.

It’s something like that.

Other people are calling it Atlanta’s hokey-pokey.

Atlanta’s hokey-pokey.


I ain’t gonna agree with no hokey-pokey.

Snap music is big now; what’s the next snap?

What’s the next snap?

Do you think people will start slapping each other on the butt?

Excuse me?

What’s the next snap?

If it ain’t broke don’t fix it.

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