‘The O.C.’: Where Are They Now?


So the O.C. will air its final episode tonight. Star-Ledger’s Alan Sepinwall has a fantastic interview with the show creator, who talks bluntly about some stories were wound up so quickly, why some plots sucked, why characters never came back, and whatever happened to the Kaitlin spin-off (which would have been great, by the way). It was a little more interesting than the many “what the O.C. has given us” articles floating about.

So what are the O.C. stars’ forthcoming projects now that they’ve been “relieved”? To IMDB, Batman:

Kaitlin Cooper (Willa Holland): Will star in some movie called The Garden Party. (Note: She is Brian De Palma’s stepdaughter, so don’t expect her to be delivering your pizza anytime soon.)

Taylor Townsend (Autumn Reeser): In Palo Alto, a teen comedy flick with . . . Ben Savage.

Kirsten Cohen (Kelly Rowan): Jack & Jill vs. the World, a movie starring eternal teenager Freddie Prinze, Jr.

Julie Cooper (Melinda Clarke): Starring opposite LL Cool J in CBS pilot The Man, where LL plays an undercover LAPD officer who juggles work and family.

Seth Cohen (Adam Brody): A movie called Smiley Face with Anna Faris. Plot: “After a young actress (Faris) unknowingly eats her roommate’s pot brownies, her day becomes a series of misadventures.” Brody will be playing “Steve, the Dealer.”

Summer Roberts (Rachel Bilson): A thriller with Samuel Jackson and Hayden Christensen called Jumper. Plot: “A teenager from an abusive household discovers he can teleport from one place to another. He uses this ability to search for the man he believes is responsible for the death of his mother.”

Ryan Atwood (Ben McKenzie): 88 minutes, a crime thriller starring Al Pacino. Plot: “A thriller about a college professor who, while moonlighting as a forensic psychiatrist for the FBI, receives a death threat telling him that he has only 88 minutes to live.”

Sandy Cohen (Peter Gallagher): Nothing current listed.

This article from the Village Voice Archive was posted on February 22, 2007

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