I’ve Had Enough and I’m Not Gonna Take Any More, Gosh Dang It!


SYNOPSIS In which protest songs of various sorts (none of which where written by Bobby Dylan, dearie) are played, though just what some are protesting might be less than obvious to the literal-minded listener. We might have played Family of God’s cover of a certain smugpop anthem, if we’d been able to find it. Though since much of what we play is really protest music (in some sense), as always we just play whatever the heck we like anyhow… Still, fun for the whole family—assuming you live at 1311 Mockingbird Lane. Or the Spahn Ranch. Or we’re just kidding.

And here’s our favorite book of the week: Slaves of Solitude by Patrick Hamilton. Read it and try not to feel agoraphobic afterward. Yeah, just try.

NEXT WEEK: It Only Hurts When I Cry….

Playlist for Episode 33

Intro: “Rise” (12″ single mix)
by Chris & Cosey,
(Nettwork, 1999)

Last Train to Clarksville
by the Monkees, from The Best of the Monkees
(Rhino, 2003)

Mile High Club
by Bow Wow Wow, from The Best Bow Wow Wow<br/ > (RCA, 1996)

The New Pollution
by Beck, from Odelay
(Geffen, 1996)

by Riders Against the Storm , from Everybody Dig
(RAS, 2005)

by Primal Scream, from Evil Heat
(Sony, 2002)

Protest and Survive
by Anthrax, from Attack of the Killer B’s
(UMG, 1991)

Germ Ship
by Wire, from Read & Burn 01
(Pink Flag, 2002)

Revolution” (live)
by Spacemen 3 , from Threebie 3
(Pidm, 2000)

Virgins and Philistines
by Colourfield, from Virgins and Philistines
(EMI, 2003)

One Tin Soldier
by Bushman, from Signs</i
(VP Music Group, 2004)

We Are the World
by Richard Cheese, from Aperitif for Destruction
(Surfdog, 2005)