More Sucking at the White House


Grab a box of tissues and take a look at the pleas for leniency on behalf of Scooter Libby.

Plow through them at your leisure, thanks to the Washington Post, which clusters them alphabetically: A-D, E-H, I-L, M-P, R-S, and T-Z.

The Post‘s Michael Abramowitz dissects them here, but he barely scratches the surface of these tear-stained missives.

He does mention one juicy one that reminds us of White Houses past:

Elizabeth A. Denny, who worked with Libby as the vice president’s social secretary, wrote that her “heart broke” the day Libby walked out of the White House after his indictment on perjury charges in 2005. “I could feel a vacuum sucking the wind out of our office, out of the White House,” she said. “I could feel his absence immediately in a very large way. I still can’t figure it out.”

No, that vacuum at the White House wasn’t Monica Lewinsky. That was a different regime and a different blow to the Republic. Come to think of it, that wasn’t much of a blow, was it? Not compared with this coverup of the war plotting that Libby participated in.