Last Night’s Market Hotel Doorman: the NYPD


. . . If You’re Looking For Me, I’m Still Busy Weeping

Hmm. The last time Bikes in the Kitchen and Team Robespierre hooked up, this happened.

Don’t want to cause any unnecessary hysteria here, but in the interest of service, I gotta pass this along. Last night around 11:15 pm, I got to the Market Hotel—a/k/a the 20 day-old all-ages space where Todd P and other DIY-minded folks have been booking rad shows, the same tremendously rad space where I snapped these nifty No Age pics couple Mondays ago—only to pull open its metal door and find the lights on, total silence, and a NYPD officer standing at the top of the stairs. Then, a frustrated bark: “We’re closed.”

It was supposed to be a four-band benefit for Showpaper, topped off by Ninjasonik and Team Robespierre. But according to a couple kids who’d already been inside (one of whom was Crowd-Surf Girl—her name turns out to be Stephanie), the bill didn’t make it past the Vivian Girls before the po-po showed.

No official word yet what this means for the stellar line-ups scheduled for the next two nights (High Places/Lucky Dragons tonight; Ghengis Tron, Aa, Ponytail, Shooting Spires on Saturday), but as of this moment all the dates are still on the Market Hotel MySpace page.

Seriously though kids, this is a perfect time for a reminder. If you want to hear music in places where you can loiter outside to talk on your cell phone, here’s an idea: Manhattan! I hear the bouncers are really nice.