Thug Life: Finding Miladin Kovacevic


You just know this Serbian-thug-on-the-run story is going to have its headlines ripped next season on Law & Order. My money is on Criminal Intent, so that the viewers can look into the mind of the villain based on Miladin Kovacevic.

Both tabloids have Kovacevic on the front page, but the Post wins out with an exclusive interview with Kovacevic’s parents. It’s a fascinating read, and the Post seems like it delights in pointing out the inconsistencies in the interview with Branka and Peter Kovacevic. What are some of these contradictions?

First, the Kovacevics decry the “media circus” that has stemmed from this case, one that Isabel Vincent points out, “they helped create.” Miladin’s parents say the Binghamton basketball player is in hiding in Serbia not because of the law, but because of the reporters camped outside his parents’ door. There is very little sympathy for the Kovacevics, as demonstrated here:

“Kovacevic’s mother said she flew to Binghamton to be with her son while he was held in lieu of $100,000 bail—and whined that she’d lost close to 50 pounds from worrying about her boy.”

Later on in the piece, we learn that Kovacevic was “a real a–hole,” according to a former classmate who also tells thePost that Kovacevic was a crappy basketball player.

The Daily News concentrates on a rundown of the night of May 4, when Bryan Steinhauer was savagely beaten. The paper also has a comment from a family friend in Serbia, who tells the paper, “You’ll never find him!” They also cover the loophole that allowed Kovacevic to board a plane three days after making bail. We learned yesterday that with the help of the emergency passport, he was able to flee. Since Kovacevic posted bail, he was no longer declared a wanted fugitive and appeared on no “no-fly lists.”

Kovacevic’s parents insist that the thug didn’t have to give up his passport after his arrest, but the Post reports that the passport number that Kovacevic used to leave the country was different from the one he used to gain entry to the United States. Both papers feature a quote from Sen. Chuck Schumer decrying the Serbian government’s assistance in helping Kovacevic leave the country, which Schumer called “a despicable act and a violation of US and international law.” The Senator also is asking Secretary of State Condolezza Rice to get the Serbian government to strip Serbian Deputy Counsel Igor Milosevic of his diplomatic immunity. Milosevic allegedly helped Kovacevic flee by providing him with the emergency passport. Milosevic is on the run as well.

The Post also features photos of Kovacevic partying it up with a cigar and a shotgun, which spawns the banner headline, “KISS MY ASH.” Inside is a picture of his parents looking morose and upset as they sit on a couch in their home. You’d almost feel bad for them if you didn’t know that Bryan Steinhauer is still in a coma, which his father says “there is hope he’ll come out soon from the coma, but nothing is guaranteed.”