Rachel Trachtenberg, Others Testify at Term Limits Hearings


The Timesfascinating liveblog of today’s city council term limits hearings includes some fine legal arguments by the Mayor’s supporters, such as corporation counsel Michael Cardozo, as well as the more cavalier anti-term-limits remarks of former Governor Cuomo, and the fire-and-brimstone refutations of Letitia James, John Liu and others. It also notes that the most vocal term-limits supporters seemed to have been confined to the balcony.

Late in the hearings private citizens were given an opportunity to speak for two minutes apiece. These included the famous (Ed Koch, Mark Green) and the obscure (Emily Respass of Queens, who called the pending legislation “disgusting” and demanded “Get out, Mayor Bloomberg. Get out”).

They also included Rachel Trachtenberg, drummer of the Trachtenburg Family Slideshow Players and former Time Out New York Kids cover girl.

Trachtenberg has her own Wikipedia page, but is apparently unknown to the liveblogger, who identifies her only as “a 14-year-old girl” who told the committee that “Mayor Bloomberg is the worst mayor ever,” denouncing him for contributing to George Bush, buying his previous election victories, and economically forcing her family to move from the East Village to Bushwick.

At the close of her oration the balcony “burst into cheers,” reports the Times, and “Councilman Alan J. Gerson predicted that the teenager just might be a future politician.”