Vallone Comes Out for Bloomberg’s Term Limits Plan


Mike Bloomberg got a big boost today when councilmember Peter Vallone Jr. announced that he would support the change in local term limits from two terms to three, as the Mayor has proposed. But he does sound sorry about it.

“This is not a decision I wanted to make,” said Vallone, “but one that has been thrust upon me.” He was not clear on who thrust it or how, but he did mention the “crisis” which has been the Mayor’s McGuffin for the reversal of the results of two referenda.

Vallone, who succeeded his father, Peter F. Vallone Sr., on the Council in 2001, sighed, “If this vote passes, I will have closed the door to a borough-wide office that I believe was a very good possibility,” referring to the borough presidency of Queens. “I did not make this decision because of how it affected me personally or any other individual, but I based it on what I felt was best for all people in the city.”

Vallone was recently named by the New York Post among those councilmembers who have enjoyed significant largesse from the Mayor’s discretionary “slush fund.”

Vallone also said that “this is one of the most difficult decisions” etc. and “I have carefully considered both sides” blah blah blah.