After Term Limits Overthrow, Era of Bad Feelings Commences


“Holy shit,” twitters LaurieLehner. “Change the rules of democracy!!?? NOW??” Yes, they did. At the conclusion of the afore-liveblogged 29-22 City Council vote, an audibly enraged gallery of spectators was hustled out of the balcony, and that was that.

The Times got a quick reaction from Comptroller Bill Thompson (“an affront to New Yorkers”). “KING OF NEW YORK” crows the Post, referring to the end of the “short but loud and contentious debate” of the past three weeks. Politicker has the Mayor’s statement: “Today, the majority of the City Council decided to give the people of New York a fuller choice in the November, 2009 election. I believe that was the right choice…” etc.

The Daily News reports that announced 2009 Mayoral candidate was in the chamber, observing the vote.

The Staten Island Advance (or, as Christine Quinn calls it, the Advair), notes the colorful remarks of that borough’s councilmember, James Oddo.

The Times story already has over 200 comments, running heavily against the decision. “The stench you smell wafting up from southern Manhattan,” writes Susan, “is emanating from the rotting corpse of democracy propped up in the City Council. shaun tells Peter Vallone, Jr., “You just lost a LOT of votes in Astoria.”

Meanwhile, from our own inbox: “Who the fuck are you to be waxing snide about this important and troubling vote. Putin’s Russia has come to New York and it seems you roll with it like a cheap whore.” Yeah, this one’s going over big.