Smith Peels Off a State Senate Dissident, Says He’ll Allow Term Limits Vote


Looks like Hiram Monserrate — one of the Democratic State Senators who have been muscling their Party for more perks — has cut a deal and will endorse Malcolm Smith as Majority Leader in the new term, per the New York Daily News. The News says word is Monserrate “will chair the Consumer Affairs Committee and a new Democratic Latino caucus”; Monserrate says “it was never about that,” though he also uses the word “lead” in reference to himself a few times. The always-quotable Ruben Diaz Sr., part of the splintering splinter group, told the News “Our 15 minutes of fame will last until Tuesday.”

Of the remaining holdouts, New York‘s Intelligencer says Diaz wants to block gay marriage, Kruger wants to continue to “lavish pork on his constituents,” and GOP-flirt Espada just wants “influence.” Smith needs them all, or a Republican or two, to gain control. When he does get it, City Hall News reports, things will quickly get lively: Smith plans to allow a vote on whether to require a referendum before Bloomberg’s term-limits overturn can take effect. Such a bill probably won’t get past Governor Paterson and may not get to him, but it could lead to some interesting conversations between city-based Senators and the Mayor.