Giuliani, in UAE, Won’t Rule Out Runs for President, Gov


Rudolph Giuliani, whose last appearance in national politics was in a robocall against Barack Obama, told attendees at the Leaders in Dubai Business Forum today that he would not rule out running for Governor of New York in 2010 or for President in 2012.

According to the Associated Press, Giuliani said he would “think about” a gubernatorial campaign “when the right time comes along.” As to the Presidency, Giuliani said, “No one knows whether you’ll do something again until you come to the point of: ‘Is it possible to do it again? Would you have a chance of winning?'”

Giuliani also told the conference, at which he had previous appeared in 2004, that the global financial crisis results from “excessive use of leverage” and that modern governments have “larger resources” than in the 1930s to deal with it, per Gulf News. Other Leaders in Dubai 2008 speakers include In Search of Excellence author Tom Peters and international explorer Sir Ranulph Fiennes.

“Some people run for president, come up short, but nevertheless see their stature rise,” reacts Steve Benen in the Washington Monthly. “For Giuliani, it was the opposite… And now he’s mulling over additional campaigns? Good luck with that, Rudy.”