Feds: Lawyer Jailed for Impersonation Scammed Others, Too


Marc S. Dreier, the high-end local lawyer who was arrested last week in Toronto for criminal impersonation at a pension fund meeting, came home Sunday and was promptly arrested for what federal prosecutors portray as a series of similar scams in which Dreier allegedly sneaked into “accounting, real estate and pension fund offices” to hold meetings under false pretenses and peddle fake promissory notes, netting by this means $113 million since October, reports the Times.

The Wall Street Journal adds that the lawyer’s firm, Dreier LLP, has been subpoenaed for documents relating to firms which Dreier professed to represent in these meetings, one of which has already disavowed Dreier and another of which has announced its cooperation with authorities. Also, Wachovia is suing the firm for a $12.7 loan default. Sources at Dreier LLP tell the Journal this will “likely mark the fall of the law firm.”