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Aarhus “Sex and the City” Makes Us Proud to Live in New York | Village Voice

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Aarhus “Sex and the City” Makes Us Proud to Live in New York


One can always go too far with the New York chauvinism, but at least you don’t live in Aarhus, Denmark. This video was made to promote Aarhus and plays off a “Sex and the City” theme, but everything about it is wrong; the music sounds like jazz played backwards, the Carrie stand-in is healthy and Nordic and asks her magic laptop questions like “Is it really possible — so far north — to be the City of Smiles?” and the streets of the celebrated metropolis are rainy and barren, relieved only by the promised smiles of passers-by who, we learn at the punchline, are just grinning at the stain left on our heroine’s face from her “Danish hot dog.” (Don’t click on account of that — it’s ketchup.) It would make a nice double-bill with Worker and Parasite, but we can’t see it drawing crowds to gaze while freezing upon the sluggish canals of Aarhus, no matter how cheerful the natives. Maybe they should push their socialized medicine instead: “Come to Aarhus for a free lymphectomy.”

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