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State Senate Deal Collapsing: Espada, Maybe Smith Out?


Get this — Pedro Espada, who was recently elevated from ethics punchline to incoming state senate majority leader, now says he’s backing out of the deal. He told the Times he’s “tremendously dismayed and disappointed that the office of the majority leader has been gutted and reduced to a sad joke on all New Yorkers.” So that’s why Malcolm Smith’s deputy majority leader nominee refused to say out loud who the majority leader was yesterday.

Fellow dissident Ruben Diaz is making equivocal noises, third man Carl Kruger says there’ll be an announcement today, and the actual party leaders, Governor Paterson and state senator Malcolm Smith, the allegedly incoming president pro tempore, are scrambling to pull it together again.

Smith may lose more than a deal. The Albany Times-Union is already talking about alternatives to Smith as leader of whatever fragment of the senate the party happens actually to represent.


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