New York

Man Threatens to Throw Shoe at MTA Boss


This shoe thing is catching on: some lefties are sending footwear to Bush to protest the war, and now New York has its own Muntadhar al-Zeidi copycat. Stephen Millies of Jackson Heights was at this morning’s MTA hearing — at which its horrible, fare-raising 2009 budget was passed as expected — and in his rage yelled at transit head Elliot Sander, “You made $300,000 last year and this shoe is for you!” and started to take off his shoes. We’ll never know if he really meant to throw them (he denies it) because, unlike the President of the United States, Sander was protected by competent security, which whisked Millies away; he later received a summons. But we appreciate the gesture. If this keeps up maybe kids will stop throwing their sneakers over telephone wires and start throwing them at their leaders. Then the New Age will have truly begun.


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