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Blogger Says Upstate NY Should Secede from City; RS Approves


For years people have been suggesting that New York City secede from New York State and stop sending its ample tax revenue to rubes and hicks. Today, however, we hear for the first time someone suggesting that upstate secede from us and all counties below Sullivan, Greene, and Columbia. Enraged by the “inevitable coronation of Caroline Kennedy to a Senate seat she doesn’t deserve,” MonroeRising says it’s time the citizens of Fredonia and Oswego refused to be “dragged down by the anchor that is attached to our southern border.” As to how upstate would fare without downstate money, MonroeRising reasons that it would be made up in savings from the “temporary family assistance” the state could then stop paying our greedy, indigent citizens. MR suggests as possible names for the new polity “New Amsterdam or South Ontario or North York.”

BuffaloPundit also considers secession. Dare we hope it’s a trend? Please, guys, spread this prairie fire; we’ll do our part. And to sweeten the deal, you can have Staten Island too.


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