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Cost of Nude Pictures Rises


Nude photography — at least the authorized use thereof — has suffered a series of setbacks. Carla Bruni, wife of the French President, has obtained from a court on the Island of Reunion damages of $57,900 from Pardon, a clothing retailer that had printed an old nude picture of Bruni on shopping bags and was selling them for three euros apiece. And though Mexican Playboy has apologized for putting a semi-nude Virgin Mary on its cover, it is still getting complaints from Catholics, which should really eat into their newsstand sales.

And two women are being awarded damages because city detectives forced them to act as nude models: Detectives Richard Vecchio and John Holbert photographed Stacia Lipka, daughter of Angela Bowie, in a state of undress in a hospital room after she was allegedly sexually assaulted. Vecchio also took pictures of Kristina Sellers’ breast while she was being processed in a Staten Island stationhouse on charges of leaving the scene of an accident which were later dropped. The city is paying out $77,500 to Lipka and $62,000 to Sellers; Vecchio is giving up $7,500, Holbert $3,000. Vecchio was previously acquitted of criminal charges in both cases and, believe it or not, is now suing the city for false arrest.



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