Kennedy’s Tour Not Going So Well


As you can see by Wayne Barrett’s story below, Caroline Kennedy is running into some flak on her way to the Senate. Her appearances in Buffalo, Syracuse and Rochester aren’t even getting breathless awe from the New York Times, which notices “her soft, slightly plummy tones, with an expression suggesting amusement at all the attention she was receiving” as she made anodyne statements, and conveys a modest post-meeting appraisal from Syracuse mayor Matthew Driscoll (“I thought it was fine… I would offer the same opportunity to anyone else”). WCBS says after meeting Driscoll Kennedy “ran into a buzz saw” of reporters who were not pleased with her brief remarks to them, and resorts to impertinent quotation (“Well as I, first of all this was a great visit and I’ve already learned a lot and I want to come back”), though it also reports Ed Koch’s warm endorsement (“You know the family she comes from… think of the DNA” says the former mayor, which unfortunately reminds us of the William Kennedy Smith trial.)

MSNBC is mistier (“SWEET CAROLINE: WELCOME TO NEW YORK”), but outside such skyboxes, where Kennedy is polling second to the unloved Andrew Cuomo, the mood appears to be turning a little dubious.


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