Caroline Kennedy FTW? Complaints Grow, But CK Stays On Track


Caroline Kennedy is getting further non-royal treatment in the press. Today it was revealed that, as a proud Democrat and New Yorker, she failed to vote in several primary elections and at least one general. At the Times, Judith Warner says Kennedy has “a bit of a blind spot when it comes to the fine line between deserving accomplishment and political entitlement” and suggests she enter politics via a lower station, e.g. the House of Representatives. A poll of national voters shows most of them like her but don’t think she’s qualified for the Senate.

While conservatives complain about Kennedy’s dynastic pretensions and compare her unflatteringly to Sarah Palin, liberals are reduced to defending her on the grounds that “she has managed to keep her sanity and exhibit dignity” during as rough a life as a rich, famous woman might be expected to endure.

Still, Kennedy continues her interviews with the local power elite, meeting this morning with UFT president Randi Weingarten. She is mildly implicated in an investigation of the Fund for Public Schools — led by a Democratic Assemblyman — but this will probably leave both her and the Fund unscathed, and state Republicans seem motivated only to grumble and hope their early demurrers will count for something in a future election.

If Kennedy is pushed through, and we increasingly expect she will be, she will ascend unclothed with qualifications, with only the support of the powerful and a relative lack of ill-will from the inattentive local electorate to recommend her. Call it a fuck-the-world gesture from our Democratic establishment, which has been watching its glorious November victory collapse in backbiting and bankruptcy, and figures it may as well take its licks where it can.