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Blagojevich Says Screw You, Names Senate Replacement


There is a significant difference of opinion between Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich and the Illinois state senate. The Governor believes it is his duty and privilege to name a Senator to replace President Elect Obama, and he has done so, choosing former Illinois attorney general and comptroller Roland Burris, thought by some to be a professional office-seeker. The Legislature thinks the Governor should instead resign in disgrace. The U.S. Senate leadership also strongly counters the Governor, with Majority Leader Harry Reid saying they won’t seat Burris or anyone else Blagojevich appoints, though their power to enforce such a decision is at best arguable.

The Governor inarguably has the power to make the appointment, so barring the unlikely success of lawyerly shenanigans, it’s up to the Illinois legislature to take it away via impeachment, which Blagojevich is not making easy (and neither is the U.S. Attorney on the case, Patrick Fitzgerald). We wouldn’t be surprised to see Burris seated and, as the state has no recall mechanism, stick around until the next election, which may afford Blagojevich some mirthful chuckles in prison.


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