Rick Lazio for Governor?


You may remember Rick Lazio, who as a boyish Republican congressman ran against Hillary Clinton for Senate and disastrously invaded her space in a debate. Having since leaving the house enriched himself at JPMorgan Chase, Lazio is said by the Times to be considering a run for the Governor’s office. On the plus side for Lazio, previously presumed GOP gubernatorial hopeful Representative Peter King is now more focused on the 2010 Senate race; Rudolph Giuliani has shown some interest, but is, to put it politely, mercurial (not to mention, to put it less politely, rebranded as a loser). And Lazio collected a modest post-electoral war chest and has been talking to Arthur Finkelstein. On the downside, no one has paid any attention to him in years, he can be easily tied to the unpopular Republican old guard as well as Wall Street, and he now looks like Grandma who retired to Florida and pulled her hair back for a skit at the community center.