Hotel Penn Offers $11 Rooms to Geezers, Scammers


The ancient Hotel Pennsylvania has seen much better days — its Trip Advisor reviews range from “Horrible!!!!! Disgusting!!!!” to “Not as bad as people make out” — and allegedly faces the wrecker’s ball. But it’s not going down without a fight. Newyorkology reports that if you spend one night there at the regular rate ($119 and up), you can have all your other nights at the price Penn was charging 50 years ago — that is, $11. There’s one other catch: you have to be a couple celebrating your 50th (or later) anniversary. But a bit of liquid foam latex, white shoe polish, and a game friend will help you put this over on the sleepy Penn clerks. Then, since the hotel’s offer doesn’t mention a limit, you’ll basically have your own hot-plate studio right next to Penn Station for just $330 a month. Believe us, people have successfully run much more complicated rent scams in Manhattan.