Timberlake Has No Southern Hospitality


While the Upper East Side BBQ spot,  Southern Hospitality (1460 Second Avenue), is typically referred to as “Justin Timberlake’s” and it was recently reported that the restaurant was scouting a second location in Chelsea, Timberlake wants to clarify something: he is not involved in Southern Hospitality.

In an official statement to People (beacon of NY restaurant news) to clear up matters of hospitality, his reps says “they [Justin and friend Trace Ayala] are not investors, owners or partners, nor do they have any knowledge or involvement in the operations of the restaurant.” His rep notes that Timberlake and Ayala helped Eytan Sugarman, Southern Hospitality’s primary owner and operator, develop the Memphis-style BBQ concept for the restaurant, but the connection ends there. Now JT’s reps says its is simply “Justin and Trace’s favorite place in New York for truly authentic Memphis-style BBQ and ribs.”

Wow, so glad that’s all cleared up.