Yelping Salumeria Rosi Parmacotto


photo: Calvin Godfrey

Last week, our own Robert Sietsema reviewed Salumeria Rosi Parmacotto (283 Amsterdam Avenue)  Cesare Casella’s new salumi shop and restaurant. He found some of the charcuterie selections from Parmacotto less than thrilling but pronounced much of the cooking “stunning.” Yelpers are responding to the restaurant with a similar mix of thrills & chills and mehs.

With 11 Yelp reviews, Salumeria Rosi Parmacotto averages 3.5 stars, with ratings running the gamut from 2 to 5 stars. Here’s what some of the Yelpers are saying:

Five Stars
“This place opened 3 weeks ago and it’s intoxicatingly delicious! They also have a small, lovely restaurant area as well…make your reservations for the evenings.”

“The Salumeria: walk in to the beautifully displayed array of fantastic Italian meats, cheeses, antipasti, wines…I’m in heaven here on the UWS!!!”

Four Stars
“In order to have a full meal on an empty stomach, the costs do add up!  We had the polenta and beef as one of our hot dishes, it was very very nice.  The cheeses are not really worth it….you pay $5-$7 and you literally get two tiny chunks of cheese the size of two quarters.   Overall, this is a good place to drop by if you feel like nibbling/grazing on a wide variety of tasty snacks!”

“it has a very snobby uws feeling to it… but the service to cater to the crowd was perfect… i felt likei could walk around with my nose stuck up!  regardless of the fact that i was much younger and less wealthy than the rest of the people around me!  the service was equal to everyone…”

Three Stars
“Given all the recent press this place has enjoyed, I was disappointed by my experience.  My lunch here on a Sunday (chianti-braised brisket on polenta and some kind of salt cod stew) tasted reheated.”

Two Stars
“I wanted to love it. We wanted to love it…So, would I go back? Yes. I’d sit at the bar and eat meat. Why not?  Great view of the tiny kitchen, wonderful atmosphere.  The meats were good, the service just needs to get better.”

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