City Hall News Names “30 Most Beautiful” Political People


If you find workaholic bureaucrats sexy, City Hall News‘ 30 Most Beautiful People in New York Politics is your catnip. House members Yvette Clarke (pictured) and Anthony Weiner are the highest-ranking Beautiful People; both are single, but though Clarke “will party in a heartbeat” (mrrow!), the 44-year-old Brooklynite says that “between the federal stimulus package in Washington and the work at home in her district” she “has very little time for socializing,” and Weiner “does not like to talk much about his personal life.” For our money, unavailability just makes them more attractive.

For those seeking a fireman party, council candidate Peter Gleason has worn both the NYPD and NYFD uniforms, and posed for the firefighters’ calendar in 1992. Bloomberg aide Anthony Crowell says he’s “in a relationship,” but hints that in New York politics, “you can have a great day’s work and great friendships outside.”

City Hall News tries hard, but many honorees won’t take the hotness-imputing bait. “Assembly Member Michael Gianaris (D-Queens) may have pride in his Greek heritage,” they sigh, “but you will not catch him calling himself an Adonis.” And Democratic communications consultant Jennifer Rainville will “tolerate absolutely no electronic flirting. ‘When a man is pursuing you via text and e-mail, I find it quite unattractive,’ she said. ‘I’m an old-school lady.'” So next time she runs a press conference, try a romantic gambit like, “Perhaps Miss Rainville has time for a follow-up.”

Many of the Beauts pose with their arms folded or akimbo, adding to their intoxicating air of power.