To Watch Tonight: Gordon Ramsay’s Sadomasochism


There’s a new episode of Gordon’s Ramsay Hell’s Kitchen on tonight, and if it’s anything like last week’s episode, which involved a meat processing plant, forced eating, Ramsay throwing raw meat at one cheftestant, and a cruelly early wakeup call with clanging pots and pans, there will be plenty of pain and punishment, domination and submission. In fact, the show is so ripe with moments of sadomasochism we decided to call in an expert to analyze it. We asked Mistress Christian, a professional dominatrix with Manhattan clients who’s been working in the biz for over a decade and the author of The Domestic Dominatrix, to watch last week’s show and give us her thoughts. Our conversation is after the jump.

What did you think of the show?

It’s actually kind of entertaining. My first impression was that it follows the same exact protocol as any other reality show. It looks to me like a lot of its hyped up.

Definitely. That being said, did the show strike you as having S&M elements?
Yes. I think Ramsay is very dominating. I’d hire him in a second as a Master.There’s a lot of humiliation, which is very British. I don’t know if you’re familiar with their education system. Back in the day, humiliation was incorporated into their discipline. It wasn’t just getting the ruler, they also had their pants around their ankles while everyone watched. I have a lot of British clients, and as soon as I hear that voice, I know we’re going to do that scenario. Some of my older clients were made to wear girl’s panties in front of the classroom. This is the older people, I’m sure they have restrictions nowadays. If this particular chef [Ramsay] was to come see me, I can guarantee he’d have the pink panties, the little frilly ones, and I’d be calling in other girls to watch me spank him. Typically, he’s the type of client that I would see.

Why do you say that?
All my clients have too much control in life. They need a vacation from
it. It’s like going to church to repent from your sins. I get all the CEOs that boss people around all day.

Have you ever had any clients that are chefs?
Actually, I do have a client that has a very big name restaurant in New York. He used to bring me food a lot. His restaurant is great. I’d love to put my hands on Wolfgang Puck.

I think honestly he’s so overrated. I think he’s commercialized the industry so much. His food sucks. When I used to try and cook, I got one of his books and his recipes are horrible. They’re like 4-hour recipes that could have been shortened by 3 hours.

Where there any particular moments on the show that stood out to you as being particularly sadomasochistic?
Yes. When he told people to piss off, and also the forced eating. The women were presented with a plate full of tongue and kidneys while the men were eating steak and being jetted around to wineries. He [Ramsay] was very much enjoying humiliating the contestant. I also found that he showed favoritism to the boys. The interesting thing was that the boys enjoyed their submissive role, where as the girls didn’t. They looked like their ready to vomit.

The whole show in general, it really was a form of fetish. The only difference between him and me is he’s incorporating food into his session.

This article from the Village Voice Archive was posted on February 26, 2009

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