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Paterson Poll Collapse Continues: 26% Approval


Oh oh: Governor Paterson’s approval rating has sunk to 26 percent, says a new Marist poll. That’s 14 points lower than last week’s Siena poll. That’s Late George Bush low. That’s losing to Giuliani in a speculative governor’s race low (53-38). That’s lower than Eliot Spitzer after his downfall low. Democrats polled by Marist prefer Andrew Cuomo for the next gubernatorial nomination, 62-26. Paterson responded by adding three billion dollars to the projected state deficit in a press conference, then backing off. Maybe the governor can win some of those voters back with his Runner’s World interview, in which he reveals that he completed the 1999 New York Marathon — certainly that sort of stamina has to impress people? “When I finished the race I had to go to the hospital. I’d become hypothermic,” Paterson tells the magazine. This just isn’t his week.


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