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Molester-Rabbi Guilty, Faces 50 Years


Israel Weingarten has been convicted of molesting his daughter repeatedly over a period of seven years. He’s guilty on five counts, each worth 10 years which may be assigned consecutively; sentencing is on April 3. The rabbi had represented himself in the trial, at which he browbeat the accusing daughter on the witness stand and got his two other daughters to testify that their mother had done the molesting instead. The National Law Journal says Weingarten’s amateur defense “attempted to sow doubt by pointing out numerous minute contradictions in the testimony against him,” such as “whether [his daughter] massaged his stomach before or after he allegedly forced her hand down his pants.” The daughter compares her time on the witness stand to “being molested again.” After the verdict, Weingarten was still making legal arguments to Judge John Gleeson: “As I said to the judge in the beginning,” he said, “I need adjournment because I was unprepared and I was denied that.” “You have your objection, you have my ruling,” replied the judge. “I’ll see you on April 3.” We doubt he’ll be lenient.


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