“America’s Next Top Model” Audition Ends in Stampede, Arrests


Saturday’s auditions for the TV show “America’s Next Top Model” were open for the first time to women under 5-foot-7, causing a larger-than-usual crowd of aspirants — several hundred, it appears from the above video — to start gathering outside the Park Central Hotel on West 55th Street on Friday night. Line-jumpers riled the gathering, overcrowding caused some to pass out, and the overheating of a car panicked them, causing some to announce that a bomb had exploded and the hordes to stampede. Six women were injured, one man and two women were arrested for “inciting a riot.” The show’s host, Tyra Banks, revealed that the organizers of the event hadn’t made preliminary arrangements with the police, which no doubt added to the chaos. Our favorite angle is availed by New-Jersey’s Star-Ledger, which reports, “Cynthia Alicea, 25, of Bloomfield, missed her chance at stardom when the Top Model audition in NY went awry Saturday.”


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